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My beliefs

I believe in positive parenting, giving lots of freedom to children within very well defined limits.

I believe that the number one experts of children are their parents. Science has its role to play but parental instinct is fundamental.

I believe that parenting is one of the greatest challenges in a life time, and that we are constantly driven to question ourselves, often to the point of losing self-confidence.

I believe that parents can help their children in emotion coaching. Firstly by modelling the appropriate response to an emotion, secondly by listening and recognising their kids' emotion with empathy, teaching them to manage stress and anger adequately, and eventually to self-regulate their emotions.

Now it's fair to say that all of these beliefs are incredibly hard to apply, especially when one is overly tired and stressed. And let's not forget that we are also human beings, with our personalities, backgrounds, limits and our own history.

My role is to help you parents in this difficult stage of your life, to work on relieving your stress and guilt, and most importantly to believe in yourself, because there is no such thing as a perfect parent!

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