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My approach

Gentle, holistic & human

You are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, lost, and you wonder what you can do to make your baby sleep? You wonder how long this will last, if he is capable of sleeping better, if he could fall asleep on his own, if we could nap longer or nap at all?

I offer gentle and holistic solutions that work, so that the entire family can finally get some peaceful sleep.

Holistic & human...

It is rare that a child's sleep disruptions are due to a single factor. For a baby / child to go from one sleep cycle to the next without needing your help, there are many things to look into: his/her general sleep / activity hygiene and routine, biological clock, the conditions (s)he sleeps in, his/her general health, what (s)he eats and drinks, his/her history since mum's womb and latest events in his/her life, his/her personality, sensory needs, the development phase that (s)he is in, his/her emotions and those of the people around him, his/her parents' style of parenting. The list is endless! My coaching method takes every single one of these items into consideration, without ever judging them.



Gentle & attachment orientated...

Every child is unique and goes at its own pace. Becoming a parent is a phenomenal life change and each person reacts differently to sleep deprivation and stress. The solutions that I offer respect the child's pace, his/her capacity to adapt and sensitivity to change. They also respects the parent's objectives and priorities. 

Furthermore, I will never recommend to leave your little one to cry alone. Not responding to your child when (s)he cries may teach him/her that you are not there when (s)he calls for help. This contributes to his stress and can damage his attachment to you.


Coach & Mummy...

I hear you! I've been through sleep deprivation, that vicious circle generated by fatigue, and I / we went to find gentle and natural solutions that worked. And then we slept again, we found a harmonious balance at home. More importantly we went back to enjoying our new role of parents. As a result our daughter got a full load of love and positivity, and she slept even better for it!

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