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Parents' testimonials

"We called Pauline because we had reached extreme exhaustion, physically and mentally. Our two year old daughter would wake up at least 3 times a night and needed to breastfeed to go back to sleep. She always ended up in our bed. Falling asleep was also problematic and could last up to 1,5 hours. With Pauline's help we have implemented some strategies which have made an enormous difference. Pauline is kind, gentle, and respects the parents' choices. She always responded promptly to any questions or doubts we could have. She was very present and held our hand in this entire learning process. Thanks to her we now have the tools to manage our daughter's sleep. The coaching wasn't easy every day but today our daughter sleeps through the night and the bedtime battle has disappeared. She goes back to sleep on her own at night and in her bed and doesn't need to breastfeed to do so. We only have one regret: not having met her earlier!"

Stéphanie, Mum of Elivia, 2 years old

"We called Pauline about our 2 year daughter who was sharing her bedroom with her older sister of 4 years old. For several months she had been having difficulties going back to sleep on her own at night. She would wake up frequently at night during over 30 minutes every time, and would wake her sister up as a result. We did not know what to do to get a restful night of sleep. Pauline coached us during 6 weeks to change our daughter's sleeping behaviour and was very present and attentive of our difficulties all along the process. Our daughter now sleeps through the night without waking up! We are living again! We highly recommend Pauline's coaching!"

Thomas & Raphaëlle, parents of Elina, 2 years old & Olivia, 4 years old

"I found Pauline a bit by chance when I was looking for sleep coach recommendations on social networks. Our first contact with her immediately convinced me: "my methods are gentle and holistic. I will never recommend to leave your baby to cry alone. I will always respect his physiologial and emotional needs". We had a first interview over the phone to explain the context. What I really enjoyed with Pauline is that she listened to us with great attention, taking into consideration our child's needs but also us parents (in our case, we did not want to let our child cry alone, we needed sleep, we needed to be reassured and to have tools to best respond to our first child). She gave us the theory needed for Milo's sleep, helped us slowly implement changes to improve his sleep. And she greatly appeased my fears facing maternity.
Thanks to Pauline, our son sleeps in his beds and can get from one sleep cycle to the next peacefully without needing our help. We are now enjoying nights of 10 hours straight of sleep. We know how to help him express his emotions when that's necessary and we really see the benefits of this on his sleep. The entire family is so much more serene now. Pauline is kind, really gentle, attentive and available for us... exactly what a new parent needs when going through a crisis of self-doubt and difficulties."

Delphine, Mum of Milo, 7 months old

"We contacted Pauline at a moment of desperation in regards to our son's sleep: naps and nights were disastrous, bedtime was also really difficult. He was waking up constantly, refusing to go to sleep. We felt completely powerless. Pauline helped us to contextualise the issues we were having and gave us tools to overcome them. Today our son sleeps perfectly well and we have regained self-confidence."

Mélanie et Quentin, parents of Hector, 2 years old

"I had the great opportunity and pleasure to be in contact with Pauline. I have a 6 months old baby girl and I knew that I could somewhat improve the quality of her sleep, to the point of sleeping through the night. We had a first contact where I could ask my questions about her sleep. Then we went through a 3 week sleep coaching where Pauline was always available through Whatsapp and email to answer any doubts we could have. Within 2 weeks, my baby was having 2 to 3 naps a day but most importantly she was sleeping 12 hours straight at night (with only 1 interruption for the obvious need to feed!). Pauline also enlightened me on the fact that each baby is unique and that a mother's sixth sense is real! Now we enjoyed a baby girl who falls asleep on her own for both naps and bedtime and who wakes up really happy! I greatly recommend Pauline for the nature of her contact, level of attention and also for her values because she does not recommend to leave your baby to cry (which was essential for me). My partner is Italian and we were able to chat in French, Spanish and English. Thanks again Pauline!"

Oriane, Mum of Margo, 6 months old

"Thanks to her knowledgeable tips and her attention, Pauline has been able to better understand our eight year old daughter's sleeping issues. She did not want to go to bed, she wanted to hang out with the "adults" and she was afraid to tears to go to sleep. Pauline gave her the tools to reassure our daughter and to help her go to sleep peacefully, and within a few days she started going to bed with genuine enthusiasm. Thanks again, Pauline for having listened to us and for your recommendations."

Diane, Mum of Romane, 8 years old

"I contacted Pauline because my 5 year old son could not get to sleep on his own anymore. After moving house, I took the habit of lying down with him until he fell asleep. And not only would I spend an hour doing this, but he was also getting up at night to come and get me in my room. I needed gentle and positive solutions to make him understand that I needed to rest and get my sleep back. Luckily, Pauline helped me, providing different strategies from which I could choose the most appropriate one for my son. In a month time, everything was sorted! He was falling asleep on his own and stop getting up at night. If I knew it would be so quick to fix and what's more in a really gentle and respectful manner for him (he adapted really well to the changes) and for me, I wouldn't have waited one whole year to do it. I can only recommend Pauline at 100%!"

Valerie, Mum of Theo, 5 years old

"We decided to call for help because our child was not sleeping through the night, bedtime was far too long, with too much crying and agitation, and the night sleep was very fragmented, and we had to feed her a bottle every time she woke up. After 7 months we were exhausted. Thanks to Pauline, we found solutions that respected our lifestyle and day to day rhythm. Today our child sleeps through the night. We have gained patience and we are much more serene."

Gaëlle & Nico, parents of S., 9 months old

"Thanks to Pauline we've understood our son's rhythm. With her we learned that issues generated from a lack of sleep can be corrected with routines and guidelines of healthy habits. Our son sleeps better each day and we've moved him to his older's brother's bedroom. At the beginning he was waking up more but now he almost always sleeps through the night. Pauline supported us and helped us during the entire time, from the hardest beginnings to the end, including the small regressions that we went through in between."

Maria-Jose & Juan, parents of Jose, 9 months old

"Up until he was 2,5 years our Soan would rarely sleep through the night. We were absolutely exhausted, armless, and we just didn't know what direction to take to improve his sleep. We decided to contact Pauline whom with we had a great connection from the first conversation. We felt listened to and understood. Pauline helped us gained self-confidence as parents and quickly provided the different tools to improve Soan's sleep. We saw positive results after 2 weeks. in the following sessions we clearly moved forward towards our set objectives. Now Soan peacefully sleeps through the night and we feel so much more rested ourselves. Our only regret is not to have found Pauline sooner !"

Fanny & Samuel, parents of Soan, 3 years old

"Pauline has helped us with both of our kids. We started working with her when our 2nd baby was newborn I have read a lot of material on sleep training, but I needed someone's support to help me bring those to reality in a way that felt comfortable to us as parents and respectful to our little ones, which is usually the trickiest part. Thanks for your help, Pauline!"

Adriana, Mum of Clara y Gabriel, 4 and 2 years old

"I am so happy that I found Pauline. She really listened to us, provided excellent advice and really reassured us at a time where were lost and very doubtful. My husband and I gained confidence and could understand our 2,5 month old baby's sleep much clearer. A huge thank you Pauline! ❤"

Laura, Doctor, Mum of Aurore, 3 months old

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