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Holistic Sleep Coaching for babies & infants
Personalised and gentle approach, based on trust


My name is Pauline

As a gentle sleep consultant for infants, I help you understand and improve your child's sleep. In other words I help parents get peaceful evenings and nights again and embrace their new role as parents.


My approach is personalised, progressive and holistic, for both kids and parents. The strategies that I recommend are gentle and entirely based on attachment, without ever asking you to leave your child to cry alone, without any contact.

I am also Mum of Albane who who was born in 2019 ❤︎

I am specialised in working with expats, who live isolated from their own relatives.

I work in English 🇬🇧, French 🇫🇷 & Spanish 🇪🇸

Parents' testimonials

We called Pauline about our 2 year daughter who was sharing her bedroom with her older sister of 4 years old. For several months she had been having difficulties going back to sleep on her own at night. She would wake up frequently at night during over 30 minutes every time, and would wake her sister up as a result. We did not know what to do to get a restful night of sleep. Pauline coached us during 6 weeks to change our daughter's sleeping behaviour and was very present and attentive of our difficulties all along the process. Our daughter now sleeps through the night without waking up! We are living again! We highly recommend Pauline's coaching!

Thomas & Raphaëlle, parents of Elina, 2 years old & Olivia, 4 years old


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